Thursday 18 February 2016

First Time Customer Dovetails With the Guide

It's always nice to hear back from customers about their dovetails. The first is from Tim in Oklahoma USA using a 1:4 angle. These are his words
I've been practising every night since Feb 1 cutting dovetails without the guide.
Tonight I got my guide in the mail. The quality of my work has jumped exponentially. I also love the Japanese saw. I pull a lot better than I push. Again thank you for inventing this tool. Woodworking is all I think about day and night (as you can tell from my lengthy email) but now I feel like I can quit worrying about it so much. Thanks!

This one is from Jay in Mississippi USA using the 1:5 angle guide and again his comments below
Using them is just as effortless as you show in your videos. This is my first dovetail cut with your 1:5 guide. No glue, just gentle planing on each face and a light chamfer on the inside of the pins. You have a quality product and I recommend it to anyone wanting to take a lot of guesswork out of dovetails. Thanks again.


  1. I think those are two sets of dovetails that even the most experienced woodworker would be damn happy with. Just perfect.

  2. where to actually go to purchase these tools, I'm going in circles

    1. I mean is there a site to actually purchase or do I email David?

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