Monday 9 May 2016

Dovetailing Weekend at West Dean College.

With the weekend course over here are the happy and tired participants with their completed boxes. They all did very well and it was a really good group. Below is one of the boxes in sycamore and walnut with a spalted beech tilt top lid.

Simon had been on the course before and requested something a bit more challenging this time ........ and he got his wish!

No magnetic guides here, all free hand dovetails, the first time he had ever tried them. He used a Lie Nielsen tapered dovetail saw and nailed them! The gentle curves on the top of the box and the lid add interest and give a method of lifting off the lid without fitting a handle.

He had a bit more trouble with the angled and mitred linings, but with a bit of head scratching he did a fine job.

Here's Simon again demonstrating his piston fit tray on the tool box he made at Bridgewater College last summer. It got the desired reaction from the passers by!

Time for a well deserved sit down.

The Veritas shooting board plane in action on a 45 degree shooting board.

Nick pulling loads of shavings on the long shooting board with one of my jointer planes.

Philip brought along some of his small boxes that he likes to make. He was very skilled on the disc sander but this was the first time he had cut dovetails.

Below is one of his boxes with a minute Japanese saw with incredibly fine teeth.

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