Wednesday 27 July 2016

Table Saw Accident, Not for the Squeamish!

John, a customer from the Sunshine Coast in Australia sent me these pictures of an accident he had last week on the table saw. He was ripping a slightly warped piece of wood (not a good idea!) when it jammed in the blade and was sent spinning backwards pushing his left hand forward into the saw blade. He was full of praise for the ambulance response and the surgeons efforts but he may well still loose two finger ends down to the first knuckle. At the time of the accident he was tired (also not a good idea) and he sent me these pictures as a reminder to others of the care needed when using table saws.
This just reminds me why I do all my ripping on the band saw and why I stand well to one side of the table saw blade when crosscutting, kick backs can be just as nasty.
Thank you John for the pictures and detailed description, I wish you a speedy recovery.


  1. Blimey, makes me glad I only use hand tools. Look on his face, he looks almost proud, hardy lot those aussies.

    1. He was a Major General in the army and fought in three wars, so no surprise there. I would stick to your hand tools, although all of my accidents have come from (miss)using hand tools!

  2. Sorry to see this accident. I did a similar thing when I was an apprentice thirty years ago. It's a painful recovery. Lots of nerve trauma. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  3. Really this is very sad ,,we should know that how to use table saw properly and safety,otherwise we will be face this's really painful.table saw is very powerful saw so should be work safely.

  4. Omg! it's really sad. take care of your self.