Friday 31 March 2017

Beautiful Boxes

Ivan sent me these pictures of some lovely small boxes he made after being inspired by the work of the great box maker Phil Weber


  1. Hi David

    Thanks for this nice posting!. I visited and I discovered that new material CORIAN, I didn't know about it.
    What a beautiful and elegant way to combine wood and those synthetic materials.

    Greetings from MedellĂ­n, Colombia

    1. That's great, I'm glad you found the post interesting. All the best, David.

    2. David, thanks again for posting my boxes :)
      Santiago - I was very surprised to find out that Philip uses Corian in his recent works. Honestly, I don't like it, because it looks too artifical. It's too uniform, as there is no grain or any color variance. Same for the plexyglass and acrilic.

      Greetings from Bulgaria!

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