Tuesday 27 June 2017

John Makepeace Visit.

On Sunday I visited John Makepeace's beautiful house in Beaminster Dorset. This was what he has downsized to!

John himself was on hand all afternoon to generously discuss his pieces on display as well as any other questions.

This is a painted version of his Knot Chair.

A very simple and modern chair which was very comfortable, yes you were allowed to sit on them.

His famous layered chair which revealed the coloured layers as it was carefully shaped.

A pretty one in sycamore and bleached burr elm.

John made many pieces combining wood and metal, I prefer the all wooden ones.

This is a detailed shot of a magnificent burr oak side table, about 7' long and 2' wide made from a single board of solid burr.

The fruit table below is whimsical and beautifully made, as were all the pieces.

A chair with a cast aluminium seat and a lovely blanket chest/ seat in rippled sycamore.

The chair below was my favourite in yew, very organic.

A cosy seat for two.

Some of the pieces on display were for sale and I heard John telling someone this pair of Zebra cabinets were available for £65,000! They didn't seem fazed although they weren't being loaded into their car when they left.

The gardens were equally as impressive as the house.

A great way to spend a couple of hours.


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