Friday, 28 July 2017

Tudor Manor House

We've spent a few days away in West Dorset and for my 57th birthday we visited Athelhampton House which dates back to 1485.

This oak panelling in a less grand part of the house shows the crude tool marks but has survived well.

A wonderful early four poster bed and blanket chest and below a closer look at the fine detail.

The house was extended over the centuries and obviously the interior with it. This linen fold wall panelling dates from the 1800's.
 And although this floor was from the 20th C you can see the trouble they have gone to stay sympathetic to the house. These magnificent quarter sawn oak boards are 8" wide!

This enormously solid front door does date back to 1485 and was the entrance to the main hall.

This doorway (as well as the alarmingly short beds) demonstrates just how short people were in those days, I wonder how tall we'll be in another 500 years?

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