Thursday 3 August 2017

Latest Project in F&C Magazine

The latest issue of F&C magazine is out now and I'm on the cover. There is plenty of great content so it's well worth a read.

This box is favourite of mine and uses dovetailed Dominoes at the mitred corners which are very strong and ensure easy and gap free assembly.

There is an excellent article on an old school veneer producer in Paris who produces thicker veneers using an antique saw.

The stock of wood they use is amazing.

Another article on a very skilled carver, Gerald Adams.

Building (very) accurate jigs and shooting boards with Tico Voigt.

A fascinating article by Richard Arnold on 18thC planes.

A round up of the Handworks 2017 show.

And looking forward to the European Woodworking show in September. This is a great show and will be the last, so it's not to be missed!


  1. David, have read the article on secret dovetailed mitre splines. What intrigues me is how you managed to cut dovetails onto these small dominoes. Do you use your dovetail guides (surely they don't fit)?

    1. Hi Tom, I just cut them by hand, it's nice not to rely on the guide all the time. All the best, David.