Monday 26 February 2018

Inlaying Name Plaque

When I ordered these little stainless steel name plaques I had planned to make a router template to inlay them in my work. However due to their small dimensions they are all slightly different in size and therefore need to be individually fitted. To ensure a tight fit I filed a small inside chamfer to each edge so that when I marked round with a sharp knife, it was a fraction undersize. A dab of double sided tape on the back prevented it slipping. I routed very close to the knife lines with my excellent little Makita trim router and carefully chiselled back to the lines and squared off the corners. A bit of persuasion with the rounded handle of my chisel hammer finished the job.
Forgot to say if anyone is interested the company is Blue Badger Branding.


  1. Very tidy, both the name plate and the execution. I've not seen this before, very classy Sir !!!

  2. That looks very simple and elegant, David. Very nice. Are the letters screen printed on? Etched?

    1. Hi Kevin, thank you. It describes them as dark etched lettering and the material is brushed satin stainless steel. All the best, David.