Tuesday 7 August 2018

Marc Adams School Making a Krenov Inspired Cabinet

My friend Martin has just returned to the UK from a weeks course with Mike Pecovich at the Marc Adams School in the US. He said he had a fabulous time and that the school is massive with every conceivable tool and machine.

This Krenov inspired cabinet has lots of hand cut dovetails and through mortice and tenons. That's a lot of work for a weeks course and the detail looks very crisp

It's nice to see the back receives the same attention as the front. I'm not sure how Martin got this back on plane, a bit big for hand luggage!


  1. Very productive cabinet you made, post more stuff like this.
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  2. Hi David, I got the cabinet back home using good old ups , however they totally smashed the front lattice and kumiko, so I had to remake it