Thursday 25 October 2018

Alan Peters Sideboard

I've got the opportunity of bringing an Alan Peters sideboard back to life. The drawers are sticking, the doors don't close properly and the whole thing needs refinishing. It was made back in 1977, in the typical style of the day, using Cuban mahogany, oak and cedar of Lebanon. A note also came with it, saying the nicely finished rear panel (below) was chestnut, although it's actually a soft wood, probably cedar of Lebanon again as the interior has a typically sweet smell. The note also said the timber was recycled from a table in a mill.
The construction of the carcass is 1/8" thick band sawn veneers on a plywood base to take care of seasonal movement.

The drawers are beautifully dovetailed with quarter sawn oak sides. The rounded drawer pull is found on many of Alans pieces.

Also typical of Alans work is this subtle bead detail to hide the hinge barrels, a throw back to his Barnsley training. I've used this technique on a number of occasions and it's very neat.

The bead detail is echoed at the back of the top...…..

… well as in the doors.

And of course the biggest 'give away' his name stamp!

The top has a large stain and the finish has faded badly.

There are a number of deep scratch marks.

As well a numerous dents.

Here is a sample board of Cuban mahogany finished with Skelton Peacock Oil. This is hopefully gives some idea of what the refinished piece will look like.


  1. That's will be a stunning project to work on. Did you purchase the item or is it being done as a restoration for a client?

  2. Hi Simon, No I haven't bought it, but she does wish to sell it. It will be going to auction when I've finished, you should pop in and have a look when it's done. All the best, David.

  3. Hi David, it would be great to see it when it's finished. Please let me know when is good and I'll pop buy. All the best, Simon.

  4. What do you think it's value is David? Peacock oil?? The mind boggles.😀