Friday 1 February 2019

Making Box Parts for my Dovetailing Courses.

I cut lengths of walnut and sycamore to rough width on the band saw and then cleaned up the edges on the shooting board. The longer piece of black walnut is stuck to the board with double sided tape and has been positioned evenly along it's length to make sure all the boards are the perfect width.

The shavings from planning up 52 box sides.

The grooves for the box bottoms are cut on my router table using the brilliant Flip Stop system for the stopped cuts on the tail boards.

Nice clean grooves. The pin boards are routed straight through as the grooves lie in the waste.

All the sides for 13 dovetailed boxes, enough for three courses.
Some of the sycamore has some lovely ripple and will look great.

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  1. Really interesting might try this for a new DIY project