Wednesday 29 May 2019

Compound Dovetail Blanket Chest

I've been working on a large blanket chest in brown oak with compound angle dovetails. The sides are made from two boards to make up the 20" height.
Preparing the edges on my long shooting board gives a perfect fit, the boards should be dead flat and have no glimmer of light showing through the joint.

With a nice fit clamps aren't necessary (or desirable), stretched masking tape does the job very well.

Here are the four sides, one angle is cut at 7 degrees and the other at 2 degrees.

With four benches in my workshop, and three different vices, I found the superb vice on my Ulmia bench to be the best suited. The right hand side of the jaw is 'toed in' giving a firm grip without any extra clamping.

Here's some of the completed dovetails, all went very well using my Excellent Skelton Long Stroke dovetail saw.

The carcass completed with the angled feet attached, I will stain these black later on.


  1. Amazing work, I bet you were glad to get the case knocked toether with no dramas.

  2. You can go to the Woodbex website if you would like to do it yourself.