Tuesday 11 June 2019

Brusso Hinges

I used these Brusso stop hinges on the brown oak chest, these are expensive but I've always found them to be very good. Not this pair, so much for 'precision hardware'!
You can clearly see the difference in widths of the two leaves at one end. Once I had carefully sanded both leaves flush and even, I could use a marking gauge to fit the long sides. This ensures a perfectly flush fit between the lid and the rear. Of course I also had to sand down the other hinge to match, a lot of work.


  1. That is disappointing, I have used a couple of their butt and siderail hinges before and they were fine but that was only four sets total. One would think for the cost that imperfection would have been caught before going out.

    Speaking of hinges, what are the siderail ones you have used in the past, I can never seem to remember the name, I think they came out of Ireland.

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