Tuesday 5 February 2013

Dovetails From Virginia

Here are some shots of a dovetailed box made by Bill in Virginia using my magnetic guide.
He is delighted with the results, a big improvement on his free hand attempts. He is also a very nice man and I'm happy to have been of help.

The wooden hinges are a nice little touch. Bill says he's been dovetailing like a mad man so I think they'll be more to come!

As an up date to my post on this complicated joint I've been informed by a friend of mine this looks like a showcase joint, as in a showcase cabinet with glass panels. This explains the need for the corners to be as strong as possible. The joint is shown in detail on page 210 of Ernest Joyce s .


  1. Hi David,

    I'm a big fan of your videos and website. I have a question regarding marking gauges. Do you prefer the kind that etches a line with a knife point or the kind that uses a wheel? Which one provides a better groove in which to place the chisel?

    Best regards,
    Kevin from Ottawa

    1. Hi Kevin, I like both and as long as you keep both the gauges and the chisels sharp, the chisel will drop nicely into the line. Wheel gauges are easier to use, especially for rolling round the corner when marking dovetails. All the best, David.