Wednesday 27 February 2013

Jointer Planes.

I'm making a small batch of jointer planes, her's one being glued up with the help of 17 bar clamps!

The first cut on the band saw defines the profile.

The shaping cuts start to form the curves and again this is done quickly (and carefully) on the band saw.
The pile of dust on the table is what happens when you forget to open the correct blast gate on the extract ducting!

This is the result after rough sanding on the bobbin sander, a much used machine in my workshop (I have two).

These are shots of box being made in Ireland using my magnetic guide, the dovetails look nice and clean. It's unusual to have just one dovetail but looks quite effective, it may be as well if epoxy resin is used on the end grain to avoid gaps opening up at the corners.


  1. Interesting post - you need more clamps!


    1. Hi Rich, As they say you can never have enough! All the best, David.

  2. I just got done watching your videos. Very interesting and informing!

    1. You got there before me, I didn't know they were up yet!
      All the best, David.