Tuesday 25 June 2013

Dovetail Competition Results AWR Magazine.

Back in February I posted on the Australian Wood Review competition 'So You Think You Can Dovetail?' http://davidbarronfurniture.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/dovetail-competition-awr-magazine.html
I didn't win anything, which is no surprise when you see the quality of some of the entries, but they did do a very nice write up on my work.

This was a good issue including an article on hinge fitting which pretty much describes the method I use, even down to the make of trim router! This magazine is well worth subscribing to, it only has 4 issues a year, which seems to allow them to keep the content quality high.

There was also a good article on Konrad Sauer showing some of his wonderful planes.
I apologise for the water damage you can see on the pages, I will be asking for another copy.

The mitre plane has an infill of desert iron wood which looks a wonderful timber.

And below, this has to be the nicest looking plane of all time, his K13. Can anyone think of a sexier looking plane than this?


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  2. Hi David

    That's my article on fitting hinges in Australian Wood Review.
    Glad like it and great to hear you use the same trimmer!

    You can see what I do at: www.antongerner.com.au


    Anton Gerner