Friday 2 August 2013

'Inspired' Furniture Exhibition

I visited the 'Inspired' exhibition which was really nicely displayed at the Ashton Court Estate near Bristol. Sue Darlison, the organiser, is pictured above in the upstairs gallery.
The outdoor bench below, is one of Sue's pieces, it has a curved seat and looks better in the flesh.

I really liked this jewellery chest by Erich Fichtner which was made from Irish elm and black walnut. The price tag of £1,000 was very reasonable considering the work involved.

A really quirky trademark cabinet by Cadman cost £7,500. It is bigger than it may look at about 6' tall.

This is the first of John Makepeace's work titled 'cushions', again my photography doesn't do it justice.

An attractive piece in solid bog oak, a wonderful wood, by Will Self.

A sculptured chest by Waywood had a wire brushed finish and was created with CNC technology, amazing stuff that leaves me way behind!

A bow armed easy chair by Nick Crossling is simple,very attractive and comfortable. Cost £1,750

A bureau in charred oak by Knut Kilmmek at £6,000.

Another by John Makepeace combining aluminium and leather with wood, yours for £6,500.

A wacky table by Makepeace in limewood and slate, not to my taste or budget at £17,800!

A triangle chest in walnut and zebrano with interesting use of grain by Martin Urmston at £2,500.

A side table and lamp by Kevin Stamper.

The whole show featured furniture which was immaculately finished, restrained in design and packed with subtle details (with the exception of the Makepeace table!). My favourite was this delightful and delicate settee by Tim Chadsey which shows that in the right hands less is definitely more.


  1. Thank you for sharing David. The bench at the end is truly great, and the CNC box shown above is really intriguing as well.

  2. Totally fell head over heels for the bow armed easy chair. The design is truly sensational. Was on the prowl for furniture rentals online when i stumbled upon this. Thank you.