Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Roubo Bench Part 3

As I work on my own and my back is still aching, I figured it would be much easier to assemble it upside-down as the legs are much lighter than the top. All went well but getting the whole thing back on it's feet was a real struggle!

The wedges went in nice and evenly and the hammer note changed when the mortice was filled. I didn't glue the legs as the top needs to be allowed to expand and contract. The tight fitting wedges were also dry fitted.

Oooops!! I made sure the leg set with the vice was correctly positioned but forgot about the other side. The recess for the nut ended up on the inside of the legs. This in itself didn't matter but I still wanted the recess on the outside for a neat finish. With the centre registration for the point of the forstner bit lost this needed some thought.

I increased the size of the hole for the threaded rod from 12 mm to 1/2" (12.7 mm) to match my nearest plug cutter. With the plug dry fitted in place I could then mark a new centre hole for the forstner bit.

The recess was drilled and no one would be the wiser. The 12 mm hole was re drilled and the plug had done its job.

With the wedges in place on all four legs they were checked for square and now it was time to complete the 'dovetail' joint on the front. As with the wedges tenon this was made much easier using the lamination process.

The top was now complete and everything was planed flat.

Next was fitting the stretchers which were cut to fit the gap between the legs. These were clamped up in place and then the drill was used to mark the entry hole. With the stretcher removed the hole was completed carefully by hand, that Moxon is a useful vice!

I couldn't resist hitting one of the joints with some oil.
The next post will see the bench completed but for now it's off to Yandles show for a few days.


  1. Excellent joinery and an inventive way to overcome the complicated leg joints.

  2. Thanks Mark, it certainly makes it easier!

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