Tuesday 10 September 2013

Yandles Show.

The show was busy over both days without a lull, the predicted rain only briefly appeared.

I don't normally let people have a go at dovetailing and to be fair not many people ask as they end up with an audience which is a bit intimidating. However this young woman was not deterred so I let her have a go.

With a little bit of guidance she demonstrated a good chisel technique, keeping the chisel well under control by choking down on the blade.

The result was a tad loose but very good for a first attempt with the guide, especially with an audience!

This fine (not so young!) man brings something along to show me at each show. This was a very nice mallet made from birch ply, reminiscent of John Makepeace's effective use of plywood.
I remember the first time we met he tried one of my planes, with a frenzy of activity he had shavings flying everywhere. This was a man who earned his living working wood and he certainly knows his way around a hand plane.

This is Tom Keeley, a superb craftsman and a very nice man. He worked for John Makepeace for many years but is now concentrating on teaching. He runs classes at West Dean College as well as from his own workshop and travels to the US each to teach there as well. Tom is energetic and extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend his courses wherever they may be.

He also makes some very nice furniture.

This Yandles show was one of the best I've done, next week it's off to the European Woodworking Show in Braintree Essex.


  1. Tom Kealy furniture maker, from what he was saying to you I thought he was a Chiropractor.
    Seriously though, I spent a few days at his workshop near Chard, very good and he is a really nice bloke.

  2. Hi David. Thanks for letting me have a go. As everyone could see I'm pretty new to woodworking, but learnt loads in those few minutes and have been checking out your videos on u tube which are great.
    First time I've been to Yandles show; I had a lovely day and met some great folks.

    1. Hi Rhoda, I'm glad it was helpful, it just shows how much you can learn (in life) from taking the plunge. You handled the saw and chisel very well, keep practising you'll be good.
      All the best, David.