Thursday 3 October 2013

Dovetails From Australia

I always like to see peoples work and here are some fine examples from a good customer in Australia. He is a design technology and furnishing teacher in Queensland and was trained in the famous Rycotewood College in the UK.
The picture above is a modern desk made from pine, that looks nicer than the pine we get in the UK!

The next is a version of one of my jewellery boxes in some more of that nice pine with a book matched rosewood panel.

The box below is made from African ash and purpleheart, not the easiest of woods to dovetail. If you look closely you can see the lid is subtly tented, a nice touch.
Purple heart is similar to pink ivory in that it will quickly turn brown when exposed to direct sunlight.

Thanks again for the pictures, let's see some more from you all out there!


  1. Why do I miss seeing the marking tool lines on these wonderful boxes? Looks like it would 'add' a little bit of roughness and show the craftsmanship.

    1. That's a can of worms! To leave the line or not, I'm happy with either but most people have stronger views.

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