Wednesday 9 October 2013

Knew Concepts Saws

This was a very welcome sight, a large delivery of saws from Knew Concepts. I was down to my last 5" and last 8" saw!

I have been stocking the 5" swivel version for a little while and this has sold quite well despite the extra cost. I still prefer the standard versions for removing the waste from dovetails but the swivel does allow for a greater range of work shop tasks.
The cam lever works very nicely and comes into it's own for frequent blades changes, although again this is not really necessary for dovetailing as one blade should last a long time unless you are heavy handed.

This fine coping saw is new stock for me, it has a 6 1/2" capacity and a beefed up frame to take the extra tension. The blade rotates every 45 degrees through the full 360 and it takes standard pinned blades. At £120 it's not cheap but I've found the sample saw I've been using for the last 3 months to be very useful and of course it's dead accurate and a pleasure to use.

This gives you a sense of scale compared to the 5" fret saw.

This is a shot of the extra strong blade holder and lever cam tensioner.

As for parcels going out, today's orders included Sweden, Germany and a first for me, Brazil (welcome on board!). Most of my orders go to the US, they seem to have a voracious appetite for tools!


  1. Excellent tools! Do you find that you prefer the coping saw over the fret saw for any particular task? Which would you recommend for dovetail waste?

  2. The coping saw cuts faster and is best for removing larger pieces, the blade is too big to go down the kerf of a dovetail saw and make the turn at the bottom, the fret saw is best for this task. All the best, David.

  3. These models can be installed directly onto a workbench or a floor stand. They're easy to handle, transport and move around the shop. power tools