Monday 23 June 2014

Magazine Article on Dovetail Guides.

It's always nice to see a review of my tools although this one was beyond me. My German is non existant so I had to enlist the help of Mike, one of my German customers, who very kindly did a beautiful translation.

It reads, 'Most dovetail guides provide you with the correct angle for sawing, but the actual sawing is still left to the abilities of the individual woodworker. This is not the case with the coloured aluminium guides from David Barron. In the test shop of Holtzwerken we used the blue dovetail guide with th 1:7 angle, perfect for hardwood. David Barron's guides have two strong magnets which force the saw to the guide with a characteristic 'Klong' (I think we can all understand that one!) and these direct the saw along the guide. A replaceable plastic pad protects both the guide and the saw from damage.
We were pleased to see the guide kept the cuts straight, square and spot on every time. Also it reduces the need for time consuming marking out of the dovetails. The result of our test was that you get almost perfect dovetails, straight away.'

In Germany metal planes never really took over from wooden ones as elsewhere and there are a two of manufacturers still going strong. There were a couple of articles in the magazine on wooden planes and their use and the whole publication looked very interesting, if only I could speak German!


  1. Glad to see your name getting about mate.

    Holzweken would seriously increase their subscriptions if the magazine was bi-lingual.

    1. I think you're right and there were only 4 pages of adverts in the whole thing!

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