Monday 9 June 2014

Ring Holders With Andrew Crawford

A fews years ago I spent a couple of days with boxmaker Andrew Crawford learning how he lined his superb boxes. One of the areas I always struggled with was creating neat ring holders.
The starting point was 1.5 mm (1/16") MDF with the top corners radiused on the disc sander.

Next 1/2" wide 3M doubled sided tape was applied to each side, followed by folding a strip of 1/8" thick foam over the top edge. Excess foam was trimmed from the bottom and sides, but not around the radius.

Spray adhesive was then applied ready for the pig suede lining which cut to size beforehand, leaving about 1/2" over at each end.

This was carefully trimmed as shown below.

The ends were folded first and stuck with latex glue, it reminds me of a mouse!

The flap is then folded over the radiused corner without pulling too tight and again glued with latex.

The resulting sausages are then simply friction fitted into a space which is about 75% smaller. In this case I went for two rows which needed three of the sausages.

Things worked out very neatly and my ring holders have been great ever since. In fact the whole two days I spent in his workshop was an invaluable experience.
Andrew takes many courses throughout the year I can highly recommend them.

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