Sunday 2 November 2014

Wonderful Carved Platter by Nick Barberton

About 18 months ago I spent a day with furniture maker and carver Nick Barberton learning how to carve some of his wonderful patterns. I was really taken by this six sided design but I found this to be the hardest to master. In fact I didn't master it at all!
He uses a curved gouge to create a sequence of straight sided shapes, all nearly identical in perfect rows and diagonals.

The finish is straight from the tool so is very tactile, in fact you can't help touching it!
The wood is rippled olive ash, one of my all time favourites and this this curved platter came from a 2" thick lump 20" square. There was more than a days work shaping the platter on both sides before the carving could begin, and the whole thing took 4 days skilled work to complete.

I bought this one to both admire and be inspired by. I certainly won't be filling it with fruit or the likes, it will be mounted on my office wall. I seem to spend more time in there than my workshop these days!
You can check out more of Nicks work here

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