Thursday, 30 October 2014

First Time Hand Cut Dovetails from the US.

Joel from Chicago sent me this picture of his great first attempt with the guide, indeed his first attempt without a machine! His comments are below.

'Having finally figured out the basic principle of putting the saw against the line, and using your excellent guide, I got this joint together straight from the saw. I was pretty amazed let me tell you!
Before long I'll be able to get rid of my router table and Incra jig. Nice as they both are using hand tools is much more rewarding, undoubtedly because the challenge is much greater. And I'll keep all my fingers too. Probably.
By the way I love the fit and finish of your jig, I'm sure I'll enjoy using it for many years or until the cat hides it'.

Thank you joel, I think we all have a 'cat' like that!

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