Wednesday 8 October 2014

Dictum Tool Catalogue

I was browsing through my Dictum catalogue last night (as you do!), if you don't have one of these then get one, they are free and packed with great hand tools all 350 pages of it.

The section on sharpening particularly caught my eye, ten pages long and full of every conceivable sharpening method and choice.

The first three pages were on waterstones from lots of different manufacturers, in lots of differents grits. Followed by a page on diamond stones.

And then a two page summary of the various stones arranged in four categories of course stones, sharpening stones, honing stones and polishing stones.
The following pages have more waterstones, diamond stones, oil stones and of course essential sharpening accessories.
Now when does choice give way to confusion? About page 3 I reckon! In amongst all this useful information there were no positive recommendations. I was confused so what would less experienced woodworkers or even beginners make of this. I guess they try one method, then another and then another, what a waste of time and money, but maybe that's the sales ploy, keep it all shrouded in mystery and make lots more money.
Perhaps I shouldn't have singled out Dictum, Axminster are nearly as bad.
Anyway what we would really like is much less choice and much more help and advice.


  1. I completely agree. As a novice weekend woodworker I've spent far too much over the years on various systems out of confusion and desperation! How do you sharpen David? Hopefully you have a YouTube video in the pipeline for your Sigma stones where you can explain all!

    1. Hi Fred, my system is easy, grind away most of the bevel at 25 degrees and then hone the tip at 30 degrees. The back needs to be dead flat. I will be doing videos shortly on both sharpening and the Sigma stones.

  2. You weren't wrong about the sharpening part; I needed to sit down after alll that!