Friday 3 October 2014

Oochi Chisels for Sale, First Come First Served!

Before stocking and selling the Oouchi dovetail chisels I asked for samples. These are the two I ordered, 6mm and 12mm, the two sizes I use for 95% of my dovetailing on boxes. They are unused and have red oak handles.
I am selling them as a pair for £80 including UK postage, a saving of £50 on my new price. First come first served. Just to save enquiries these two are now sold.

Here is a fishtail chisel I decided not to stock but would be very useful for cleaning out the corners of half blind dovetails. This cost a bit more due to the work involved and I'm letting this go for £40 inc UK postage, again first come first served.

The handle is red oak and this one has no ring as it's a push style for delicate work. Now sold.

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