Friday 10 October 2014

New Tools!

I have long been a fan of HNT Gordon planes from Australia and I'm delighted to be offering these four tools from their range. I have made a bulk purchase to get the very best price and I'll be passing this on. The radius plane is £99, the flat spokeshave and shoulder plane are £109 (each!) and the curved sole shave is £114.

The wood used is Gidgee a very hard and dense wood from the Aussie outback. All the spokeshaves in this batch have a nice figuring to the wood. Some of the planes also have nice figure, first come first served!

The machining on the brass is superb and both shaves have nice tight mouths. This combined with the 55 degree bed angle means they perform with no tearout even on the nastiest of woods. These new spokeshaves are made to be used on hardwoods.

The shoulder plane I have picked to sell is the 3/4" model. It feels nice in the hand and is the right size for delicate as well as larger work. The iron is bedded at 60 degrees so again no tearout.

All are neatly branded and finished superbly.

Detail of the shoulder plane's tight mouth.

The radius plane is a fairly specialised tool, with a sole curved in both directions. Ideal for chair seats, I've used one to make a very nice textured surface on a door panel. It feels great in the hand and again the fit and finish are flawless.

The iron is hollow ground so maintained the radius on sharpening is made much easier.

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