Friday 9 January 2015

Customer Tools.

Over Christmas Mike bought a dovetail guide and 372 saw. He called by a couple of days ago to buy more tools and show me his first attempt at hand cut dovetails. It went together first time without any gaps, no mean feat in 18mm stock! No wonder he looks pleased.
Mike has been a carpenter all his life and is looking forward to doing some finer work in his retirement.

Robert form Canada sent me this picture of a chisel hammer he made with a cocobolo handle to match his Blue Spruce chisels. Very nice!

Below is another plane from Canada sent in by Richard, it is an early plane made by Konrad Sauer. Not a production model it measures just 90mm x 9mm wide and apparently is great for cleaning up stub tenons.

Below is a spokeshave made from a kit by Ron Hock. Apparently it was easy to make and works very well. It also looks very comfortable. Stuart came on my last dovetailing course at West Dean and has been busy in the workshop since. I can see one of his boxes as well as a long shooting board and a Roubo style bench with very nice through wedged tenons.

At the end of the course we made start on a Krenov style plane from a lump of Lignum he brought.
Here is the end result, a very handy, comfortable little plane.
Notice the quarter sawn stock great for stability and for hiding the join lines of the cheeks.

A nice bit of sapwood on the side.

With a tight mouth, (although he says it will be tighter next time!), it works very well.


  1. The cocobolo handles are gorgeous. I plan to order four Blue Spruce chisels as soon as I sell a few tools I no longer use. Still undecided between the african blackwood and cocobolo handles.

    1. Hi James, Cocobolo looks great when new but darkens right down over time. Blackwood is harder and heavier and what you see is what you get! All the best, David.

  2. Mike's dovetail jig came out great!