Wednesday 28 January 2015

Plane Making Course at West Dean College Available to Book Now!

At last, the weekend course at West Dean College is available to book. It runs from 1st - 3rd of May and we'll be making the high angle smoother shown in the foreground above. Please note the planes we will be making are going to be in Bubinga rather than Lignum (see picture below of the last class). I have some very hard stock which is bang on quarter sawn so they will be both attractive as well as very functional. The £265 cost includes all the materials and the college has advised that you ring rather than book online for the first couple of weeks due to computer work. Please make sure you ask for your 5% online discount though!
The current summary mentions making a plane adjusting hammer but this was part of the format when the course was run over 3 days instead of 2, so we won't have time to include this.
The course is aimed at intermediate woodworkers rather than beginners and as always if you're interested don't leave it too late!

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