Wednesday 15 April 2015

Atoma Diamond Plate.

I have been using these Atoma Diamond plates for a couple of years and they are superb. They are available in various grits but the 400 really hits the sweet spot. It's course enough to cut really quickly, but not so course that it leaves deep scratches. You can move to a 800 - 1,000 grit water stone with no problem.  You can see on this close up that the diamonds are arranged in small clusters which gives the swarf somewhere to go, a bit like the DMT plates but much finer.

They are very durable, I have have a 400 plate which has flattened the backs of many a plane iron and is still going strong. In addition because these plates are aluminium rather than steel, they can be used quite happily flattening and conditioning water stones without any fear of rusting, a real bonus.
They are a generous 210 x 75 x 11 mm in size and I have them in stock now, price £75.

1 comment:

  1. It's about time these fabulous stones were available in the UK!

    I've used mine for a few months flattening stones , and it performs much better than the other popular brands I've tried, with no signs of rusting.