Thursday 16 April 2015

Wonderful Wood From Yandles

The Yandles show was another good one, although I find shows tiring and it takes me a few days to catch up on orders as well as replenish stock. The first thing I do when I arrive there is to look round the wood yard, they put out lots of new stock the day before the show starts, a heads up for you wood hounds. As I have a lot of nice wood and very little space left, I'm getting very fussy in my old age, however this large board of chestnut had to be mine.

It's 6' long, 18" wide and 3" thick and had been air dried rather than kilned, which is great, it can gently do the last stage of drying in my workshop. The nice tight ripple was evident on both both sides and covered more than half the board. It was also quarter sawn with nice streaks of colour running through.
I've never worked with chestnut before, but I look forward to using this once it has settled and I can find the time!


  1. What will you make with it?

    1. Hi Frank, It could be lots of things, box lids, cabinet panels, coffee tables etc, I'm just looking forward to spending some time making furniture, it's all I can do to keep up with tool orders at the moment! All the best, David.