Friday 20 November 2015

New Work Bench Finally Arrives!

My new work bench made by Leif Karlsson in Sweden has arrived
The carriers in this country lost it for a week but thankfully found it again!
It the smallest of the benches he produces at 1600 mm long (53") but this is an ideal size for the way I work and is still a pretty hefty bench. He made it taller than normal at 37" which suits me.

It is a traditional Scandinavian bench with a hefty tail vice and very useful shoulder vice.
Considering the work involved they are very reasonably priced, even with the shipping costs from Sweden.

There are five sets of large scale dovetails..........

........both through and half blind.

The top is mortised and tenoned into the cross rail for added strength.
It's no wonder no one is making this style of bench any more.

The tusk tenons lock the frame firmly together, such a simple and effective joint.

Leif kindly signed the bench for me, this was to be the last he was going to make before retiring. But he's since told me he's turned 8 more vice screws, so if you are interested in one of his fine benches I'm sure he can be persuaded!


  1. Might I ask, do you know why it is acceptable to tenon the top into the cross rail as you've shown? I know this is pretty common on this type of bench (and others), but if this were furniture, wouldn't we give this a proper breadboard treatment with room for movement? Always been perplexed by this...

    1. Hi Owen, A breadboard end is typically draw bored with a tight hole in the middle and elongated holes going out in each direction to allow for wood movement. Using a tight pair of wedged tenons in the middle of the board is a similar strategy, with the dovetails at the ends allowing for wood movement. All the best, David.

  2. Ahh thanks for the explanation! Good lord I wouldn't like the idea of cutting those dovetails without the comfort blanket of sawdust wedges and glue :-P

  3. what size bench is this? and in the phito of the front vise's wooden screw..there is a fair bit of crumbling happening tonthe threads already. 5 years on, has it gotten worse or settled down? I notice you have several benches David.. Do you have ine you use mire than most?