Sunday 1 November 2015

Planes for Sale on E Bay.

I have just put up a number of tools for sale on E Bay. I have listed them with international postage so everyone can see the links. Above is a nice pre war Norris A5

Next is this superb quality Stanley Gauge G5

An early Moseley smoother dating from 1862-1880

Some rare woodworking magazines from the 1920's plus two similar lots

A fine quality surgeons saw

A Veritas bevel up smoother hardly used

A Rare Robert Wooding round with fine mark

A good quality set of Iyoroi chisels ideal for dovetailing

A nice Bedrock 604

A Spiers smoother, a good user.

  A Norris A50 another good user plane.

And finally an excellent Bedrock 607 in very nice original condition.

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