Wednesday 1 June 2016

YouTube Videos Coming Soon.

I'm well overdue making another batch of YouTube videos and the cameramen are booked for the 18th June.
I don't think people realise the time and effort required to produce the videos, writing and re writing the script, which I don't follow anyway! Making all the props, doing dry runs, preparing the workshop, sharpening all the tools and doing countless re takes.

Here are some shots of a box with angled dovetails which I will be showing how to do in one of the videos. The angled and mitred linings look complicated but are easy to achieve with the right set up on the shooting board and I will be showing this technique in another video.

The 10 or so videos should all be edited and posted by the end of the month.


  1. Will be looking forward to the next batch of videos David.

    I'm guessing this box is the one made with the spare stock that I luckily didn't need from the course at West Deane?

    1. That's the one. I should have had more confidence in you!

    2. It was a fair gamble knowing that I had not cut freehand dovetails before, especially on the wonk !!!

  2. I always enjoy your YouTube videos; looking forward to these!

  3. Always love your videos, David. Really looking forward to them. Also love that Highland sells your tools now!