Monday 9 January 2017

Hand Planing Difficult Woods.

I'm making a small batch of planes for Handworks in May, now Christmas is out of the way it seems very close now!
After band sawing the sides they need cleaning up to ensure no visible glue lines. The lignum Vitae has a reversing grain so tears out badly with standard angle planes. Here I'm using one of my high angle smoothers (54 degrees) to remove the bulk of the waste and then finishing with a finely set Bill Carter thumb plane. They made short work of this batch and were a pleasure to use.


  1. Hi David - if you don't mind me asking, what is your view on how to store one's planes during work and in between projects? Some say it's an absolute no no to place them on their sole, while others say that this i no problem and will protect the blade.
    Is it a question of woodwoorker religion, or is there a right / wrong way?
    When I look at the old tool chests, I almost always see planes placed in the bottom of the chest, on their sole?
    Can you clarify it for me?
    Kind Regards, Jesper Simensen, Denmark

    PS LOVE your dovetail guide and your youtube videos

    1. Hi Jesper, I've found storing them on there side can throw out the lateral blade setting if they are not put down gently. I have always put mine sole down on the bench, after all it's only wood. The perfect solution would be to sit them sole down, with the toe on a thin strip of wood, so lifting the blade clear of the bench.
      I hope this helps, David.