Tuesday 3 January 2017

Alan Peters Twisted Dovetails

Alan Peters wrote an article for Fine Woodworking back in December 1986, on the twisted dovetail joint. After Alan died I was lucky enough to buy a few things from his widow Laura including the joint he cut for that article.

She was surprised I wanted it. It's never going to be worth much, but as an avid Alan Peters fan it's a nice thing to own.

The wood is Elm and is 34 mm thick (1 3/8"). I'd never noticed this little sticker before.

This afternoon I had a go at the joint myself making a dovetail alignment board in 3/4" thick, quarter sawn English cherry. I got it glued up before I went home so I'll see how it turns out in the morning!


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  2. Nice to see that. I made a box for CDs with that joint after reading the article in 1994... Actually I did it from a photocopy like yours, as I could not check out the magazine from the public library. ;-)

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