Friday 30 December 2016

Very Useful Tools

I've had these Incra squares for years now and they have seen plenty of use, especially the 150 mm version. They have holes for a 0.5 mm pencil every 1 mm and then below holes at 0.25 mm intervals in-between. This may seem a bit odd going to the nearest 0.25 mm using a lead which is 0.5 mm thick but it really works well. You can place a sharp awl bang in the middle of an intersection of lines for marking pivot hinge positions etc.

Sadly the Incra branded pencil available then wasn't very good and the lead was always breaking. This fine pencil from Staedtler may cost a bit more (£4) but it works much better.

The lead is supported right up to the tip drastically reducing breakages as well as annoying blockages.

It also has a rather nifty twist rubber (eraser) which is replaceable.


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