Tuesday 13 December 2016

Blue Sruce Dovetail Chisels

A little package arrived yesterday from Classic Hand Tools. You may think this is a nice Christmas present, but I actually ordered it back on July! I understood that I would have to wait but when the first one arrived after about 10 weeks the handle was smaller than the others in my set bought about 10 years ago. At some stage the standard handle size was reduced, although the distributor was unaware of this. If you are looking to supplement your Blue Spruce chisels then it would be as well to quote the length when ordering.

After another 10 weeks the replacement arrived however it had a cocobolo handle which didn't match the rest of the set! This mistake finally got Blue Spruce into action and my correct replacement arrived in about 10 days. These chisels are great for finer dovetails and I now have the matching 3/16" to complete my set, all I need now is a new chisel tray!


  1. The 3/16" is a very handy size, especially for skinny pin dovetails.

    Really like the sapwood accent on the marking knife, surely you will make some more again one day ???

    1. I sold all my stock and templates to Bern, so no turning back I'm afraid. He's the man once he's fully recovered. All the best, David.

    2. That's great news. I sold my Blue Spruce knife hoping to get one of yours, but I was too late. :D