Sunday 18 December 2016

Can You Gues What This is?

The latest issue of F&C as arrived and a good one as usual, including a test of the excellent Skelton panel saw, below.
But what really caught my attention was a new product launch. Now I've been in sales and marketing for many of my life and if there's one thing I can't stand its long winded bullshit! Please read this until the end, it's priceless!

Jeremy Smith, Marketing Manager. 'Tesa 62510 offers companies in various sectors a powerful solution for constructive bonding that creates new possibilities for innovative mounting designs through promoting new combinations of materials, enhancing the end result and delivering a more efficient means of processing.'

Has anyone guessed?......... yes of course it's double sided sticky tape!!!!!!!

But what really made me smile was the dry comment that followed from the editor

'Phew! You probably wouldn't want to get stuck in the lift with Mr Smith.'


  1. Aaa - hemmmm.... Not so fast there, sir. Have you ever heard of the device that saved the world? One trash dumpster at XYZ Corporate Park, the park was vacant, returned a profit so buyers and lessees could be assured of a profitable investment, also. They may have been responsible for their own dumpster. (It's been a while since I ran from that forum.)

    I read this from some economic [something or other] consultant peddling his skills on Linked-in. Dead serious. I received a personal (really) response to my question about the empty dumpster--at least a page and half of business letter of gobbledy-gook.

    1. Jeremy ...? You know, he could be the same guy. Yes. Yes, I recognize "efficient". This would be right in line with his expertise. I am glad he found employment. Because I could never afford twenty-seven minutes of him on my own unemployment check.

    2. Gosh! And all I wanted to do was give you a "smiley" emoticon. ;>

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