Saturday 30 December 2017

Perfect Edge Joints

I've started making a small walnut four drawer chest. In order to get continuous grain I'm making the top and sides from a pair of 1/2" thick book matched board, which are too long to edge joint on my shooting board. I'm planing both edges at once using my jointer plane with side fence. The two boards are 'hinged' to ensure a flat result.

Above you can see the two nicely rippled book matched boards and below the joint pushed together.

When I have such a nice close fit, I just use stretched masking tape on both sides to clamp the joint.
The lack of pressure doesn't introduce any stress into the joint and it should stay nice and flat.

I planed the shorter sections individually on the shooting board using my Veritas plane. You can see I've taken the rear handle off so that I can grip nearer the blade which gives me much more control and feel (thanks for the tip Bern).

Below are the two boards sitting one on top of the other, with no visible daylight between. You can see the 'up' and 'down' marks that remind me which way to face each board to ensure a flat panel results.

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