Sunday 14 January 2018

Japanese Chisels

I was looking through my tools cabinet today and saw these three Japanese chisels tucked away (I have far too many hand tools!). They have been well used but well looked after with a good patination and no rust.

I had polished up and flattened the backs which were in need of attention and they came up very well, particularly the one with multiple scoops (san mai).

I don't know who the makers are, although I know Oochi makes similar flat tang chisels to the one in the last picture. Can anyone help identify them?
Many thanks to Ian in Japan who was able to find the following on the chisels

I think that the first one is 36 mm, three hollows in the back and it is good.
Generally there is no cheap item for home centers in this size.
The second one 30 mm, this is not a chisel for amateurs.
These are two Niigata produced from the material and shape of the handle.
I think the third one is not near the Kanto district from the shape.
Maybe the handle is made from a silverberry. I do not know if it is Miki's (Miki City in Hyogo pref.).”

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