Monday 8 January 2018

Walnut Chest continued

Time to cut the tails. Rather than holding the board horizontally, I angled it to 1:6 so that the cuts would be made vertically, there was no need to mark in the angles first. This was a tip from the Barnsley Workshops.

Angling the board the other way allowed me to cut the other side, again on the vertical.

I used my wonderfully made 'long stroke' dovetail saw made by Skelton saws. It cut so cleanly and quickly I didn't get a chance to wind it up and make some long strokes!

The fit and finish of the saw is faultless.

I dry fitted the shelves and cut the curves on the drawer supports, cleaning up with a flat soled HNT Gordon spoke shave, a wonderful tool. Each of the shelves was recessed from the carcass sides by 1 mm, note the scrap pieces standing in for the back which will be cut to a fit after the carcass has been glued up.
With all the dovetails cut and fitted, the final job for the day was to sand and finish all the internal surfaces ready for glue up. I used two coats of hand applied melamine lacquer, cut back with an Abralon 600 pad and finished with a coat of Gilly Stephenson's Cabinet Makers Wax with a high carnauba wax content. The final waxing will act as a resist, making glue squeeze out easy to pop off as well as giving a nice smooth surface for the drawers to run on.


  1. I love the shaping of the drawer supports; very neat work.

    1. Thank you, this is an Alan Peters design, he disliked handles. All the best, David.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon, got it glued up today without incident, I feel happier!

    2. Lovely work David. It looks like the top is recessed below the sides and back, if so it's a nice feature.

    3. Hi Simon, That would work well but perhaps not protruding so much. There is a top which is where all the dovetails come in, more pictures to follow. All the best, David.