Sunday 27 May 2018

Antique Boat Building Bench

We're down in West Bay for the Bank Holiday weekend and I spotted this old bench concreted into the quayside. It just goes to show how the size of a bench can vary depending on the task it's made for. This one has an oak top just 7" wide x 7' long.

The old metal vice is mounted above the work surface and has a very powerful set of sprung loaded jaws. Despite years of exposure to the salty air it still works just fine, although it did make me want to return and give it a good spray of lubricating oil!

On the bench surface, at the far end, was this memorial plaque. It looks like Johnnie worked when it suited him and did what he loved and how many of us have a view like this while working at our bench?

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  1. That's an odd choice of vice, it's a post vice normally used by blacksmiths...