Friday 1 June 2018

Lovely Rippled Ash Box

 Lawrence sent me these pictures of a very nice box he's recently completed. It's based on an article I wrote for F&C magazine a while back. His description is below

The level of accuracy required at every stage is crazy and I made tons of mistakes making this one. I made mine from rippled olive ash and the tray from ordinary ash with a pig suede lining. The panels in the top are made from spalted beech. The box mitres were reinforced with dovetailed dominos. The hinges are from Andrew Crawford. They fitted well but my router set up was not accurate enough which resulted in the lid being slightly skewed from the main box.

Rippled ash and olive ash are now my favourite woods to use when making boxes or cabinets. It really looks well when the finish is applied. For my box I used 3 coats Osmo Polyx oil (clear matt) cut back with 320 grit sandpaper. I had resawn the ash board in order to get a continuous look around the box as well

I managed to get a piston fit on the tray so it lowers on a cushion of air and the lid closes silently, after easing the from edge of the tray (as per your YouTube videos 😃)

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