Wednesday 26 September 2018

Bench Crafted Vices and Shooting Boards

Stuart, a friend of mine, sent me these pictures of his two retro fitted Bench Crafted vices. He is very pleased with the effortless operation of the glide vice above as well as the criss cross mechanism which automatically adjust to the work. He has left at least 12" clear down to the screw which increases the capacity of the vice without diminishing the holding power.

Stuart has permanently installed his Moxon vice in the bench and fitted a quick release cover which prevents bruised thighs or worse!!

His intriguing long shooting board has an adjustable side fence which can be used for making identical parts with perfect straight edges.

The plane shown in the picture is a rare antique Lancashire pattern plane. With it's heavily skewed blade it is ideal for end grain shooting.

And here is his mitre shooting board with an adjustable fence for a full range of angles. This would be great for picture frames.

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