Thursday 6 September 2018

Crubber Jaw Lining. Benchcrafted

Having heard lots of great things about Crubber from Benchcrafted, I decided it was time to replace my worn leather jaw lining. I tried Classic Hand Tools in the UK as well as Dieter Schmid in Germany but neither stocked it as an accessory, maybe they should. So a quick look on the internet and I found this, a 2mm thick cork/rubber composite.

It cut easily to size and a couple of strips of 3M double sided tape provided the adhesion.

Before fitting, I chamfered the edges at 45 degrees with a freshly sharpened chisel which should reduce the risk of catching.

As expected it performed remarkably well and should be very durable.


  1. Thanks for this, just what i've been looking for. I was searching the wrng words. The key words are rubber bonded cork sheet.

  2. You can also look up "Fel-Pro 3019 Gasket Material" on Amazon.