Saturday 9 November 2019

HNT Gordon Spoke Shaves and Shoulder Plane

A friend of mine is on a trip to Australia and paid a visit to Terry Gordon the owner of HNT Gordon who gave him a workshop tour, lucky man!

He came away with a 1/2" shoulder plane, a surprising useful little tool as well as a pair of wonderful spoke shaves in ringed gidgee. These shaves, with their high angle and tight mouth, are the best on the market and will handle figured woods and reversing grain with ease. They can only be bought direct from Terry in Australia but are well worth the wait.


  1. Hi David Thanks for the post about our tools. Looks like you are a busy man. talks highly of your classes. I would love to get over to the UK and do a class with you. Just have to find the time. Hope to catch up if you go to Handworks in 2020. Regards Terry

    1. Hi Terry, I'm glad to help, your shaves are a joy to use. Jim is one of the most talented students I've taught, he very much enjoyed the visit. You will do well at Handworks, it has a wonderful atmosphere and if the weather holds up it's very busy. I hope to meet you there. All the best, David.

  2. Woodbex has a very large project base.