Friday 1 November 2019

Piston Fit Drawer Course at UTC College Finished.

I spent 3 days this week teaching a piston fit drawer course at the wonderful UTC College in London's old docklands.
The course was being run by Derek Jones (Low Fat Roubo) as part of a 2 week woodworking program including lectures a show and various other classes including a couple by the ever active Chris Schwarz.

This was the little project featuring 52 hand cut dovetails and 6 tapered through wedged tenons.

Andrew at work using a hefty Moxon vice. Andrew makes chairs professionally and you can see some of his lovely creations here

Graeme cutting dovetails using my 1:5 magnetic dovetail guide.

Jim worked carefully and as you'd expect for an engineer his work was immaculate.

Clinton using calpiers for perfect dovetail spacing, wearing an Opti Visor which was invaluable to him for this fine work

Martin is a seasoned dovetailer and it showed with his speed and accuracy

Geoffrey, the college principal, did very well and was obviously proud of his progress.

Martin had the job done By lunchtime on the last day, no mean achievement!

A happy and relived bunch at the end of the course.


  1. Thanks David for a demanding but enjoyable three days. Learnt a lot about the precision possible with the techniques you taught us. Plus consider what new tools to buy having been exposed to so many lovely ones, both yours and my fellow students! Andrew

  2. You should try Woodbex. You can get your money back if you don't like it