Sunday, 6 September 2015

Box for Dovetailing Course.

Having prepared enough parts for the next three dovetailing courses at West Dean College, I just had to make one up to make sure I hadn't made a silly mistake, 25 times!
All was well.

I used the 1:4 dovetail guide for a change. This is the hardest angle to do well as the sharper corners need careful attention.

The spalted beech lid picks up on the colours of both contrasting woods.

The simple tilt top lid keeps things simple and unobtrusive and the leather base adds a touch of luxury. Everyone should get their box completed within the two day course, just make sure you come with your tools razor sharp and ready to go!


  1. Really nice David, I don't know what it is about small boxes that I like so much. I really like the spalted lid on this one.

  2. Really beautiful box. I love the spalted beech lid and the 1:4 dovetails. What join is used for the bottom?

    1. Thank you. The base is 15 mm thick with a tongue all round going into a 4 mm routed groove in the box sides. This gives a floating look to the box and adds useful low down weight. All the best, David.